4 Reasons Corporate Gifting is vital to Business

So, let's talk Corporate Gifting. 
This time of the year, Christmas Gifts might be the last thing on your mind. But, as we speedily approach TAX time, it may be exactly what you should be thinking about. 
Previously coming from the NFP sector, I know, our budgets were tight! The philosophy was 'use it or loose it'. Any left over funds from one financial year, simply meant you would loose those funds in next years budget. 
The solution.....
Corporate Gifting!!!!!
Purchase your gifts for Christmas 2019 now, before tax time to ensure you use all your allocated funds, whilst showing your clients some love. 
Here is our list of the key reasons corporate gifting is so vital to business.
1. Stay on top of your clients minds
Firstly, and arguably the whole ethos behind sending corporate gifts, is to stay on top of your clients mind. When they think about your service, business, you want them to think of you!  
2. Marketing 
Marketing, Marketing, Marketing....is there any other way to grow a business? Whatever business you come from, one of your greatest assets is free marketing. And how do you get free marketing? You impress customers or clients, and they tell others. This form of marketing is priceless. It's reliable and carries a large amount of weight. So when you have great, returning customers or clients, you need to nurture that relationship. 

Corporate Gifts are the perfect subtle and almost subliminal marketing. You gift a candle, personalised with the business logo, and every time that sweet smell of coconut and lime floats through the house, they think of where they got the candle, they think of you and your business.

3. Personalisation
Personalisation is a great tool, and fantastic aspect ofCorporate Gifting

It's more Marketing, but its subtle. It also shows thought, effort and the willingness to go that extra mile. You didn't simply send a gift card, without any meaning or personal touch. 

You went ahead, had an entire gift box personalised with your companies logo, added to the candle, the box, the ribbon, the luxury hand soap. This demonstrates planning, thought and attention to detail, all without an in your face marketing campaign. 

4. Opens lines of communication

Your customer or client receives a beautiful, well presented gift box, what is the reaction? It prompts communication. Whether it be a thank you, a reminder to touch base regarding some unfinished business or reach out about some new business. Corporate Gifting prompts and opening the lines of communication. 


The Avenue Homewares and Gifts, works like a gift concierge service. 
Not only do we select the the gift, we also personalise it, handwrite the note, pack and post it! 
We make it easy to send amazing, unique gifts, no matter if its for 20 people or 100. 



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